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Male Clients

I have a client who is trying to PUT ON WEIGHT!! Yes, these people do exist. Having always weighed a skinny 49kgs and wanting to be 55kgs-60kgs in lean body mass we have analysed his previous diet and… read more

Ladies: You will not develop unsightly muscles by lifting weights

Ladies: Please note that you will not develop unsightly muscles by lifting weights. What you will do is define your figure and shape up beautifully by following a carefully structured weight training programme.… read more

Bioidenticle Hormone Replacement Therapy

Who needs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)? Aging takes a toll on the body and – believe it or not – a decline in optimal health can occur at any age. Weight gain, hair loss,… read more

Facts to make you elite and keep you at the top of your sport

Charles Poliquin Charles Poliquin is hailed as one of the world’s premiere strength coaches. Charles believes in the power of effective nutrition plans and supplementation to help athletes reach… read more

Exercise of the week: single arm bicep curls for toned arms this summer!!

Heavy as possible ladies!! read more

Single arm bicep curls

Single arm bicep curls

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