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Advice on diet for Jan 2014 to get back into shape

Try this:

  • Breakfast poached eggs with spinach
  • Chicken breast with salad
  • Steamed Salmon and brocoli
  • White fish with salad 
  • Fillet steak cooked in coconut butter or grilled with steam green veg

Also remember that one way of eating does not suit everyone.. So you can adjust with herbs and spices to taste as well as try different ways of cooking... steaming is a lovely way to eat fresh meat. Also try cooking with coconut butter instead of olive oils. Stop roasting and frying meats, grill bake or steam instead. 

Make sure you are taking multi vitamins at least. As we age our bodies are not as efficient at absorbing the nutrients from the foods we eat. Omega 3 tablets are also an essential addition to a woman's health. 

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