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Importance of Food Plans for Pole

Pole Fit Food plans for the best figure to pole with:

In order to float easily around the pole and performing high risk lifts, inverts deadlifts and mounts its 100% easier if your weight is adequate for your frame. Being the correct weight takes immense pressure off your wrists when holding inverts and deadlifts & Livia has the knowledge to helping you get better at your pole work through diet. Livia writes food plans for Polers who want to look their best for Performances, Competitions as well as for novices who enjoy the beauty & fun of pole dancing or pole fit.

With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, six years as a competitive figure & a bikini athlete herself, as well as a pole instructor for the last three years, you are in safe professional hands with FItFreedom. Food plans are available online & 1-1 with check-ins every two weeks to keep clients on track. Due to the nature of the sport Polers need a constant energy supply from the correct food sources, at the right times pre and post training in order to look and perform their best.