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Sophie in Brighton

Livia's pole fitness is liberating, lively and fun. You are definitely in professional hands, her body is proof she knows this business well! 

Victoria in Brighton

Had a brilliant night with Livia, she is a wonderful teacher. I had never tried Pole Fitness before and was quite nervous about it, but it was lot's of fun, although I definitely need to practice a bit more. Highly recommend giving it a go!!!

Lydia East Sussex

Livia is a great teacher - not only is Pole really good fun, but its also a great work out.  Livia makes the learning process easy and enjoyable. She is motivational and inspirational and has a knack for making each lesson different whilst continuing to build on your strength and skills so that you can put the moves together easily and confidently.  I would highly recommend Pole through Livia and I am positive anyone would enjoy it.

Lizzie in Hove

I came to Liv and pole as a total beginner. I have tried all sorts of fitness and personal training classes in the past and decided to start pole as a way of mixing up my fitness. I am by no means the most athletic person in the world but was really surprised at what I could do in the first session. Liv is so positive and encouraging and I've loved coming back each session and surprising myself with new things that I can do. It's been a great work out and I've definitely noticed positive changes to my body shape and tone. I also love that Liv is aware of past injuries and won't make me do anything that doesn't feel right for my body. I'd wholeheartedly recommend pole for anyone who wants a fun challenge.

Carmen in Brighton

Livia invited me to a taster evening of poledancing – it was a completely new experience for me. An evening of exercise in an unconventional way, meeting like-minded women and having a lot of fun with it. Livia gracefully demonstrated & easily explained everything and got us all in the flow – definitely recommend it!

Eliska - pole fitness instruction

Ok, what can I say about pole dance and Livias sessions? 1 word - splendid.

Livias way of teaching is unique – she normally show us a certain position to see it is actually possible. Every move is broken down into steps and we learn one by one in our own comfort and speed. After only 4 weeks I was ‘hanging head down’.

The biggest advantage of classes is a small number and one person for one pole. After an hour of intensive training I know my body will feel it the day after. It is an incredible feeling to discover what my own body is capable of. With Livia’s long life passion for fitness she knows with an expert eye right away where the weaknesses are hidden and we work on them.

Pole is an excellent source of overall strength and expression of feminity. It is art of body to me. I am glad I got into Livia’s hands. She is a diamond, always encouraging. I am entering a pole competition in the year coming – something I would never consider before.

Sometimes someone needs to believe in us before we do.