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Success Stories

Posing client/half comp prep client Maria Martini

Posing client/half comp prep client Maria Martini entered Pure Elite Figure category April 2016 3rd Place "The Pure Elite competition that took place in Margate on 23rd April 2016 was my very first experience and the first time that I ever stepped onto a stage in my life. "On this event, I posed for the Athletic Figure category, which is half way between Bikini… read more >

Sophie Robinson - full comp prep Bikini Athlete Miami Pro April 2016 & May 2016

"I am so lucky I got to not only be prepped by this lovely lady I got to share the stage with her too!! I can't thank her enough for all her support and help. I entered Miami pro to empower myself as a mother of 3 and full time career and home educator to my son and to beat body insecurities after being left with lose skin and a questionable belly button after having said children! … read more >

Hannah - Online Client Testimonial

Since having a small group pole and burlesque lesson with Liv for a friends birthday, I couldn't help but start working with her! She has a bubbly personality and is so in tune with what I wanted and how I worked and was ALWAYS there when I was stressing about something food or exercise related with a supportive and motivating text or email.  We started working together 3 months… read more >

Pole Fit Food Plan for Lisa in Hove

My Pole fit food plan certainly worked beautifully for Lisa who entered her first pole competition at the end of January in tip top condition. She stuck to the plan well. As we worked together i changed the macros depending on her training and pallette. No food plan is ever the same because we all have different tastes and needs. Well done Lisa!!  Lisa stats… read more >

Getting in shape for my wedding

After having my first baby I wanted to get in shape for my wedding, which we had booked for when my baby was just six months old. I had already bought my dress and wanted to get back into it and feel confident in my post-baby body. I needed some help, and following a recommendation from the fabulous Emma Fullwood at Zipped Up mums I contacted Livia. We started working together 10 weeks before my… read more >

The Fairy Bod Mother

I want to tell you about one of the best things ever happened to me. Someone call Livia Francis. I had always worked out been at the gym goer but due to personal circumstances I couldn't maintain this and as a result I wasn't working out and fell into some really bad eating habits. I couldn't understand why I was not losing weight because I was trying everything that I knew. I knew age… read more >

Galaxy Universe November 2015, beach body category, Belinda Higgs 2nd Place

Dear Livia, I just wanted to say how fabulous you are and a few things about my journey to the stage. I have been wanting to compete as Bikini Competitor for years now but never had the courage, but I came across Miss Galaxy Universe and decided to be brave and give it a try as I had been lifting weights in the gym for last few years but with no goal. I signed up and was desperate… read more >

Zuzana: Miss Galaxy Universe Competitor – placed 6th out of over 100 ladies!

When I decided to enter Miss Galaxy Universe Competition this year little did I now what I was letting myself into... demanding workouts and hours in the gym, strict food plan, posing, learning about the industry in general, all of it was completely new and totally overwhelming. I didn't know where to start at first, could not find anyone who was prepared to help... but then I met Livia, my… read more >

Jess, Brighton

Once in a while you meet someone who changes your life. Livia has done that for me. By assessing and adapting my eating patterns by tutoring me in nutrition – as well as putting together a weight training programme that works for my lifestyle – Livia has changed my shape dramatically. She is an expert in turning fat to muscle and I am healthier than I have ever been. Getting… read more >

Zuzana Bikini Client

I have been working with Livia for a few weeks now. She is helping me to prepare for my first ever Bikini Competition. I can honestly say that I could not wish for a better coach. Livia is very experienced and knowledgeable, has great contacts in the industry and manages to keep me motivated and on track with her continuous support. Livia gave me a great food plan which I have been following… read more >

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