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30DTX Method & Prices


  • Consultation / goal setting / defining your needs and preferred outcomes from the 30DTX / assessing the best products for you (protein or meal replacement) 
  • Sign up as preferred client
  • You will recieve email information as to all the details of the plan – food prep and exercise methods.
  • Products will be delivered within 2-5 working days
  • Small support groups are set up for each client as the best way to commit and succeed on the 30DTX, together they have each other to chat and cross reference with.
  • Liase with Livia to keep on track and succeed!!!


Sign up is £215 for 30 days or the 14 day plan is £149. This includes £80 free gift and £25 registration fee which entitles you to 40% off all product ranges as my preferred client via my Arbonne website. Please note that you will not be buying teas/coffees and cake, extra sugary snacks, no alcohol/therefore no taxi fares to pay, no extra takeaways. Just simple easy food that is not an expensive addition to the grocery bill.

Compulsory Online coaching fee is £50 per week via Facebook pages and 24/7 whatsapp communication.
No coaching fee paid untill January 2018

1-1 exercise session with livia are £50 each or £160 for 4 sessions booked in advance.

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