About Us

Fit Freedom was founded in March 2010 by Livia to provide focused results for mums wanting to regain their pre-baby figures.

Over the years the business has diversified to include weight loss & tone for all. From triathletes to women want who want to step on stage in Figure, Bikini Fitness, Fitness model & physique catagories.

Livia also trains men who want to shape up through to men who want to compete on stage. Livia is known as the ‘fairy-bod-mother’ and has developed quite a name for herself as a specialist in food plans.

With 26 years’ experience in weight training, nutrition and fitness, Livia provides expert guidance tailored to each individual, depending on what you want to achieve. 

The programme focuses on fat loss, rather than increasing fitness levels as this is more often than not what is holding clients back.

The body shaping programme cycles that Livia creates change every few weeks, to keep the body challenged. The training goes hand in hand with the food plans to get the best results. It’s no quick fix to get back into shape!

The programme includes detailed guidance on eating for shape, weight training regularly, and is sometimes interspersed with carefully planned cardio vascular exercise, if deemed necessary, to keep an all-round approach to getting your body in great shape.

Be patient. Be vigilant. Be healthy. Be positive. Be gorgeous. Be yourself.

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