About Us

Fitfreedom was founded in March 2010 by Livia to provide focused health results for women at every stage of their lives.

Over the years  the business has diversified to include mid-life hormonal changes during the peri-menopause, menopause & beyond.

Catering for all women who have the desire to change their figure at any age. No matter their past health history. Small steps each day have huge long term impact. Women from all walks of life and career path, from all fitness and health “starting points” we grow in a supportive community to reach personal goals!

With 31 years’ experience in weight training, nutrition and fitness, Livia provides expert guidance tailored to each individual, depending on what you want to achieve. 

The programme focuses on fat loss, rather than increasing fitness levels as this is more often than not what is holding clients back.

The body shaping programme cycles that Livia creates change every few weeks, to keep the body challenged. The training goes hand in hand with the food plans to get the best results. It’s no quick fix to get back into shape!

The programme includes detailed guidance on eating for shape, weight training regularly, and is sometimes interspersed with carefully planned cardio vascular exercise, if deemed necessary, to keep an all-round approach to getting your body in great shape.

Be patient. Be vigilant. Be healthy. Be positive. Be gorgeous. Be yourself.

Livia’s background

After 31 years in the health and fitness industry Livia has diversified part of her business into advising women on menopause. Menopause is prevalent, topical and vital to 'understand' with women being an ever increasing percentage of the workforce, at all levels of business.

Government menopause health coaching projects are part of Livia's vast array of services as well as hosting regular TV 'health news' with LatestTV. Livia is a Podcast host, blogger and vlogger & writes editorial content for 'Sliver Magazine'. Livia also presents the "Menopause Minutes', which is a YouTube series discussing symptoms of menopause, and how to ease them naturally. Currently hosting online and country wide workshops in menopause exercise with her team of menopause ambassadors.

Livia has five titles in the competitive fitness world and a Pro athlete and coach.

Livia designs intelligent effective training & food programmes for women who are dedicated to changing their body shape and toning up so that they look and feel positive no matter what age.

An online health and body transformation coach.

Online personal trainer advising on gut health, body cleansing & menopausal exercise/nutrition.

Advisor for menopausal groups online and committed speaker.

A business woman who develops social marketing strategies creating immense opportunity for women to excel in social marketing and develop an alternative income stream within the health and wellness industry.

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