Fit Freedom

Usually it takes years for a woman’s body to get out of shape, so there is no quick fix to get it back again…

Livia works with her clients over a minimum of a 15 weeks, changing their food plans every 7-14 days and their training programme every few weeks, to ensure the body is always challenged.

A believer in macro training cycles, favoured by top end sports men and women, Livia splits cardiovascular training and light progressive, resistance band exercises, rather than mixing the two together and generally avoids high intensity training, to ensure the focus of the programme is on fat loss. The type of exercise regime a client has is totally dependent on their body shape. Each food plan and training plan is unique.

Livia wants to be an inspiration for other women who want to shape up again. It’s a specific kind of training that’s needed and Livia has the skills, the knowledge and the experience to deliver it.

Be patient. Be healthy. Be positive. Be vigilant. Be gorgeous. Be yourself.

Livia x
(50 years old)

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