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Bikini bootcamp at Panthers gym

I attended a "Bikini Bootcamp" to brush up on my personal training skills so I can deliver a complete "bikini shaping" fitness…

18th February 2014


Burlesque classes

Burlesque 1-1 is thriving! May be you would like to try it? A fun way to keep fit!! 1-1 lessons are £30 each at my studio or £50 for…

18th February 2014

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Male Clients

I have a client who is trying to PUT ON WEIGHT!! Yes, these people do exist. Having always weighed a skinny 49kgs and wanting to be 55kgs-60kgs in…

Pole Fitness continues to be popular in 2014

Pole fit is busy in 2014. Here's some photos and video of me training clients.

18th February 2014

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Client Updates

Marilyn My A* client Marilyn is striving hard for her bikini at a consistent 19% body fat. She looks amazing at 40 years old and I'm…

10th February 2014

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My goal for 2014

Masters Figure Competition on 29th June 2014 run by the Biritsh Federation of Natural Bodybuilding. I am now in training for the BNBF Masters…

7th February 2014

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Stylish Haven for Juggling Parents

Officrèche is a co-working space for entrepreneurial mums who want the advantage of Ofsted outstanding flexible childcare while at work,…

3rd February 2014

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Networking FitFreedom

FitFreedom attended the "Sassy" networking event at Maison Du Vin in January 2014. This event, the first of its kind, was run by friend…

1st February 2014

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