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Physiques coaching at Cheetahs

Dede Dene, nutrition coach and Tony Naddeo training coach. Local to Hove and a great team to work with if you want to step on stage. Even though I…

Male Clients

I have a client who is trying to PUT ON WEIGHT!! Yes, these people do exist. Having always weighed a skinny 49kgs and wanting to be 55kgs-60kgs in…

Ladies: You will not develop unsightly muscles by lifting weights

Ladies: Please note that you will not develop unsightly muscles by lifting weights. What you will do is define your figure and shape up beautifully…

28th October 2013

Fitness Tips and Advice

Bioidenticle Hormone Replacement Therapy

Who needs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)? Aging takes a toll on the body and – believe it or not – a decline in…

Facts to make you elite and keep you at the top of your sport

Charles Poliquin Charles Poliquin is hailed as one of the world’s premiere strength coaches. Charles believes in the power of effective…

17th June 2013

Fitness Tips and Advice

Sports Massage Therapist in Hove

Sports massage therapist Helen Trehane of Rhomboids Sports & Remedial Massage has recently set up her practice at Cheetahs Gym in Hove. Livia…

Some Helpful Tips

You are what you eat (need I say it again?!) How is your food diary looking? How many meals have you prepared for the day to stop yourself…

15th May 2013

Fitness Tips and Advice

Livia’s Top Fat Fighting Tips for 2013

SHAPE YOUR BODY AND KEEP IT THAT WAY - Livia’s Top tips My philosophy is simple – understand the training methods to arrive at the…

Just stop eating the sugar!

If I told you that you could have the body you really desired, would you believe me? If I told you that just one little, everyday thing is…

8th November 2012

Fitness Tips and Advice

New Year, New You…  Or maybe not!

Well, hopefully you survived the temptations of Christmas and have settled into the motions of 2012. So many people commit to New Year’s…

27th January 2012

Fitness Tips and Advice

Top Tips for getting through Christmas!

1. Weight train and exercise regularly ​Even if you can't manage to keep up your full regime through the Christmas period, try to keep…

20th December 2011

Fitness Tips and Advice

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