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Bikini and figure posing workshops on Tour In Budapest 2015

Venturing out into the world of Pole Fitness I’ve been hosting workshops in how to pose for bodybuilding and figure & bikini at Dollhouse…

27th August 2015

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Pole Fit Food plans for the best figure to pole with

In order to float easily around the pole and performing high risk lifts, inverts deadlifts and mounts its 100% easier if your weight is adequate…

Danila Di Simone, a previous client, starts her own pole school in Italy!!

Pole Fitness Palermo Here’s her testimonial: "When I started pole dance fitness with Livia it was my intension just to try & see if…

27th August 2015

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Popular Pole Fitness

Pole is proving very popular this month with many new clients taking pole to its limits. Sessions are now £10 each for a small group class…

14th April 2014

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Pole Fitness continues to be popular in 2014

Pole fit is busy in 2014. Here's some photos and video of me training clients.

18th February 2014

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FitFreedom pole fit goes on…

Fit Freedom's Livia is a qualified pole fitness instructor. Pole fitness is an excellent workout, working all the core muscles of the body.

9th December 2013

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Pole progress for myself

I am mastering a new level in handsprings and able to shoulder mount with straight body extensions. Tough on the shoulder but looks amazing!

9th August 2013

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Free Pole Fitness Taster Sessions

I will be offering free 30 min pole dancing for fitness taster sessions in my private studio in Hove, East Sussex, from end of June all though…

17th June 2013

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One to one and group fitness classes with Livia

Pole Fitness classes are proving popular as a diverse fun mode of exercise away from the gym. Here's some recent photos of my classes... Just…

Photography Project

Livia is working on a stills project with Photographer Sophie Sheinwald who is interested in capturing body contours on camera. Sophie wants to…

Pole Display for Brighton Mums Fundraising Coffee Morning

On Thursday 8th May, this get together was hosted by one of my long term enthusiastic clients Phillipa Wilson. Phillipa dished up on a fantastic…

9th May 2013

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