Avoid chronic fatigue by recognizing the signs

It’s always hard to recognize the initial onset of chronic- fatigue due to our hectic lifestyles. Bringing up the children, working, running the business, finding time for your partner, house work, cooking the dinner – clearing up, walking the dog... when does the day ever stop? So often we learn to ignore tiredness… BUT you must listen to your body and slow down as you get older!

Here’s some symptoms to think about:

  • An overwhelming tiredness which can hit at any time during the day and the need to sleep & rest
  • Muscle fatigue carrying out simple easy tasks
  • A drawing, aching feeling pulling through your legs – more noticeable when resting
  • Inability to exercise to your normal capacity
  • Thread veins in whites of eyes
  • Stinging eyes
  • Heavy head
  • Night sweats

27th August 2015

Fit Freedom News

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