Bikini and figure posing workshops on Tour In Budapest 2015

Venturing out into the world of Pole Fitness I’ve been hosting workshops in how to pose for bodybuilding and figure & bikini at Dollhouse Studios/Pole Passion in Budapest back in May 2015.

Working alongside Kay Penny, the director of we created a new aspect of fitness for Poler’s.

My workshop participants included Mr Pole Dance UK, Mr Dave Skada – where we worked on how to hold Physique and bodybuilding poses on the ground and up the pole!! 

  • Miss Kay Penny, founder and owner of PolePassion &and Miss Pole dance Worlds & UK Competitions
  • Miss Lucy Cropper, Founder & owner of Lucy Pole based in… who is also a competitive Pole Athlete.
  • Miss Amy White  - an apprentice instructor with Pole passion
  • Eliska J Personal trainer & figure competitor with an interest in Pole fitness

27th August 2015

Fit Freedom News, Pole Fitness

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