Bikini bootcamp at Panthers gym

I attended a "Bikini Bootcamp" to brush up on my personal training skills so I can deliver a complete "bikini shaping" fitness package to my ladies who want to achieve that bikini body. 

A bikini body is: 

  • the girl must be proportionate left to right and lower to upper body
  • she should have a small waist and look as if she trains but have no muscular definition
  • she should have no stretch marks or cellulite
  • she should have a small waist and shoulders and hips should be balanced
  • her face and hair/make-up and stage presence are also judged.

Bearing all that in mind I attended a 3 hour workshop in "posing for bikini"competitions run by Helen and Sean of Panthers Gym. Helen was a fantastic coach. She gave all the girls excellent instruction  and all the information necessary for stage presentation for the UKBFF bikini class. More information on the bootcamp >

I will be entering a UKBFF Bikini comp in May this year so that I can deliver top tips for clients on how to shape the waist and glutes, style hair and make up and deliver a pro bikini package on stage, or just for looking AMAZING on beach summer holidays.

I have  a lot more shaping & posing practice to do, plus extra training on the glutes... But we love a challenge!

18th February 2014


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