BNBF Figure Competition comes ever nearer

Livia has seven training weeks to go before she steps on stage to compete for a trophy. The competition is on Sunday 23rd June 2013 at the Alexander Theatre in Bognor Regis. This is an extreme sport. Training for figure involves depleting body fat and showing the muscles of the female body that have developed over years of training (and believe me as a woman there's not a lot of muscle gain... it's just impossible to increase muscle size more than genetics will allow).

At present I'm 51kgs and sustaining muscle and losing fat. From now on with food intake and weights plus interval cardio my shape will show more so through the skin. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!

Here's a pictures from a BNBF Figure workshop that I attended last weekend at Body Bionics Gym... It was informative and a great opportunity to meet fellow figure competitors to swap stories of training and learn to hold the 'poses' correctly for the judges.

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