Client update - Marilyn

Marilyn continues to shed body fat and shape up well for summer 2013. Stats as of July this year are: 

Marilyn: 46.7 weight

Circumference measurements: 

  • 10 inches both arms arms right
  • 10.8 inches flex bicep on right
  • 10.5 inches flex bicep on left
  • Waist 25.8
  • Hip 30
  • Glute 32.2
  • Thigh at widest point- Right 21.8
  • Thigh at widest point Left 22

Body fat taken with Calipers:

  • 8mm tricep ( back of the arm) 
  • 3mm bicep (front of the arm)
  • 6mm Sub scapular (is back fat taken from just under each shoulder blade)
  • 7mm Superilliac ( diagonal measurement taken from just above the hip bone)

Body fat is now stable at  18.7.

Body mass index is 20.7– Marilyn is within the 'healthy' range for body fat.

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16th August 2013

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