Fit Freedom Client Updates

Sam is a remote client, who has gone from 32.5% body fat 31.3%. She has dropped a dress size and continues to keep In good shape using weights. Next year we hope to see a significant decrease in body fat.

Marilyn is still my star client and today has 16% body fat. She started with FitFreedom over two years ago. Marilyn's highest body fat reading was 30.5%. She maintains a beautiful athletic shape by adjusting her food to create the curves she likes by combining the FitFreedom way of eating with effective training. That is lifting heavy weights plus fasted cardio sessions which really seem to home in on the fat loss for Marilyn.

Jen started with FitFreedom at 32.2% body fat to 23.5% body fat and dropped three dress sizes!!! Fantastic effort with food and training. Jen shows motivation and positive outlook.

Marg has been with FitFreedom for three years and finds that she can maintain shape and fitness through my programmes and food suggestions. Recently, in one month marg lost 6% body fat just by committing to her exercise routine and changing the oil she was cooking with and using bosu soy milk.

Shape up in January

If you want to shape up and lose fat just book in for a consultation or try the four weeks weight loss course in January. This is a bargain price at £90 for four sessions with me (usually £45 each session).

11th December 2013

Fit Freedom News

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