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You are what you eat (need I say it again?!)

How is your food diary looking? How many meals have you prepared for the day to stop yourself snacking on the wrong foods to satisfy your hunger? None I guess?? How many ice creams have you eaten since the sun decided to shine?

Try this:

On training days have a small bowl of porridge (approx 47g weighed out dry) soaked overnight and cooked up for breakfast. Eat the porridge as plain as possible (don’t add sugar) also have 30g of  carb free shake (REFLEX or MY PROTIEN are the best brands for shakes with no carbs or nasty additives).


Meal 2: Chicken breast & avocado salad with green beans add flax oil & seeds.

Meal 3: white fish plain (wrap in foil and baked in the oven...squeeze lemon juice over it and cook in herbs for additional flavour) with steamed green veg.

Meal 4: white meat such as turkey fish or chicken with 35-45g of rice or oats or rice quinoa or sweet potato.

Meal 5: steak with steamed veg

ALWAYS add a teaspoon of flax, rapeseed, olive & coconut oils in cooking or poured onto a healthy lunch. Use plain assorted nuts and seeds as sprinkles over the meals. Make your salads colourful & appetising.

AVOID bread, pasta, pizza, take away fast foods, excessive alcohol and butter.

15th May 2013

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