Livias Coaching & Competition Achievements to date

  • Posing sessions for Body fitness/figure & bikini comps (all federations)  in Brighton & Hove
  • Includes 6th place Bikini Diva category Miss Galaxy Comp prep coach for Zuzana
  • 4th place BNBF Southern qualifier - Miss Figure 2015 Comp prep coach for Eliska
  • 1st place BNBF Southern qualifier - Masters Figure 2015 psoing and T walk coach for Jo Tate
  • 2015 Master bikini competitor for Portsmouth and Kent Klassic; posing coach for  Angela Dolan
  • 2015 Masters Body Fitness competitor UKBFF Kent Klassic:posing coach for Toni Shand
  • 2015 UKBFF Body fitness Posing coach for Toni Shand
  • 2014 World Champion Masters Figure Posing & winning T walk choreography for DAFC World Champion Lynne Richardson
  • 2nd place BNBF Southern qualifier – Masters Figure 2014: Comp prep coach for Lynne Richardson
  • 3rd place BNBF Welsh qualifier – Masters figure 2014
  • 2014 British Finals Competitor UKBFF – Masters Bikini 
  • 2014 Body Fitness competitor UKBFF
  • 2014 Masters Bikini competitor Kent Klassic and Birmingham qualifiers

27th August 2015

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