Livia’s competition schedule 2014

Fit Freedom's founder Livia Francis (formerly O'Toole) is training hard to compete in figure this year with BNBF (masters figure) and UKBFF (masters bikini class).

BNBF NATURAL GATHERING on the 6th April 2014 run by BODYBIONIC Gym in Thatcham, Berkshire, is a MUST for any BNBF competitor. Nick Openshaw runs the meeting on the first Sunday of each month. Nick gives his time and knowledge of natural bodybuilding to all those who attend. Everyone spends a good hour on posing. Hitting the correct posture for the compulsory poses and learning how to smile while flexing muscle is an art unto its self: A great way to spend a Sunday in pre-contest mode with likewise people.

Check out "BNBF natural gathering" on Facebook for more information...

14th April 2014

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