Male Clients

I have a client who is trying to PUT ON WEIGHT!!

Yes, these people do exist.

Having always weighed a skinny 49kgs and wanting to be 55kgs-60kgs in lean body mass we have analysed his previous diet and training. After having discovered that he was living on an M&S sandwiches and fast foods, I changed his diet to eating 7-8 times a day which included protein, lots of healthy carbs and some good fats. Having a passion for long distance running didn't help and having no idea how to fuel his body for exercise he was getting thinner and thinner with no shape.

After three months training with FitFreedom  he has gone from lifting 5kg dumb bells to 30kg in each hand and from a 20kg barbell squat to 90kgs in perfect form.

He has now put on 5kgs in lean body mass (muscle) and continues to grow. His arms now look defined. His weight is increasing.

It hasn't been easy as he need to eat every two hours to override his high metabolism and prevent his body from getting into a catabolic state, which means that he burns so many calories that he couldn't previously gain muscle and therefore he was a skinny fat person as opposed to having a lean muscular shaped physique. It's all about what he is eating and when.

A "mens health physique" is possible for any man who is willing to eat correctly and train intelligently with weights.

You know what... The same goes for the women.. To gain a beautiful body you need to eat the right food at the right time in the right quantities for your body AND TRAIN INTELLIGENTLY using weights. Drop the cardio to once a week and book personal training sessions to motivate you towards your goal.

For more information on how to change your body to a shape you are proud of please contact me.

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