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Eli ; From just over 100kgs two and a half years ago down to 63kgs my amazing determined figure client sets her ambitious goals for 2016..heres what Eli has to say…

"I’ve done it. Still cannot believe it. I seriously did it. I shrunk from size 16 to 8. I lost 16 kilos in 6 months. I lowered body fat from 34% to 17%. I filled the enrollment form in & send it. I walked comfortably from the darkness of the backstage into the light in the smallest bikini you can imagine and posed in front of judges, my peers and another 200 people. How could I do it??? I would not achieve my life dream on my own -everyone needs help and I was lucky to get under the wings of Livia Francis.

"Liv taught me everything I brought onto the stage and placed 4th in Miss Figure with BNBF. I was told by one of the other coaches watching the show – ‘you walked the stage as professional! No one would ever say it was your first competition as you appeared so relaxed and confident’  And it all goes down to Liv and her passion for bodybuilding and fitness in general.

"She walked the stage several times by herself which gives her the deep knowledge of the craft - diet, t walk, hair, peak week, posing, bikini, shoes, tan ... every single detail was planed. Liv was there for me when I was falling off the diet, loosing myself in the unknown, when I did not trust myself ... always willing to help me get back into the game ... And guess what?.... This is not the end ... Now we are preparing for next season..."


27th August 2015

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