New Year, New You…  Or maybe not!

Well, hopefully you survived the temptations of Christmas and have settled into the motions of 2012.  So many people commit to New Year’s resolutions and there’s real pressure to have more than one! 

But I do suggest that if you’re going to put pressure on yourself, don’t do everything at the same time.  Your goals need to be realistic and sustainable; there’s no point giving up everything that makes you happy at the same time!  What’s the point of life, if you do?!

I suggest you keep on track with what you’ve been doing, but perhaps try and improve on one particular area. Once you see the benefits and improvements, you’ll probably pick something else to improve on and so the ball keeps rolling – you’ll be perfect by the end of the year!

So, to pick up some of the tips I gave you at Christmas, just put these 5 into 2012, fit them into your schedule and you’ll reap the rewards:

1. Keep moving and lose weight
Small changes in your daily routine can significantly increase the calories burnt throughout the day.  Consider cycling to work, using stairs instead of the lift, taking the dog on long walks, being more active with the family over the weekends…  It’s all doable.  You just need to do it!

2. Don’t blame your metabolism!
Seriously look at the amount of food you are actually consuming throughout the day – if you’re eating more than your body needs, the excess is stored as fat. Most of us under estimate what we eat, so why not keep a diary?  And if you finish the kid’s food off their plates, write it down! :o).

3. Exercise regularly
Find something you enjoy doing and doing it regularly. Combine it with a weight training programme and when you see the results, you’ll find you look forward to your sessions!  Don’t forget, too, that regular exercise goes on burning fat even when you sleep...  Now that’s tempting…!

4. Eat regularly and don’t skip meals
It can be easy to ignore the rumbling of the tummy and hunger pangs when rushing around with work and kids. But try not to. You’re not helping yourself. Your body needs energy and if you feed it a little and often, you’ll find your pangs are less and your energy levels are more stable.

5. Protein Helps!
Eggs, meat, fish, beans and lentils are all very high in protein. As long as you don’t cook them in breadcrumbs, batter or oil (!), they’ll help to stave off your hunger pangs, so add some chicken or fish to your salad; some beans or lentils to your soups or stews and you’ll really see the difference.

Let me know how you get on – or if you’ve got any tips you could share with us!

27th January 2012

Fitness Tips and Advice

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