Danila Di Simone, a previous client, starts her own pole school in Italy!!

Pole Fitness Palermo

Here’s her testimonial:

"When I started pole dance fitness with Livia  it was my intension just to try & see if I liked it. After the first lesson I never stopped pole dance lessons. Livia is a good teacher, she helped me to build my muscles gradually making me more stronger for the sport. Now I am a teacher thanks to her, she made me confident, and strong and she helped me to take my degree in pole dance & fitness so I can now start to teach in my country. I am so happy in my work, thanks to Liv. Livia created by interest in a pole dance, and with her patience and motivation she helped me every day. Livia was my first pole dance teacher but she is also a good friend! I miss her. Thank you livia!"


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27th August 2015

Fit Freedom News, Pole Fitness

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