Posing lessons for Toned figure competitors and Bikini competitors

Livia supplies information and lessons on how to cycle training and "pose" for competitions. 

The posing is tough on the body and has to look easy and effortless on stage, even though it's challenging to execute effectively. It takes months, sometimes years of practice.

I love teaching the posing for the competitions as the girls have the drive and ambition to learn so quickly from each session. Keep practicing Camilla (UKBFF Bikini, 26th April 2014) and Toni (WABBA 12th April and NABBA Toned figure, 26th April 2014) and me!! (BNBF masters Figure, 29 June 2014 and masters Bikini UKBFF, 25th August 2014).

14th April 2014

Competitions, Fit Freedom News

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