Sports Massage with Helen from Rhomboids

Helen is not only very skilled as a sports massage therapist but she also understand how to diminish the onset of any injuries by working into the muscle. I saw Helen every week for 15 weeks of pre competition figure preparation. By Relieving tension & pain in my hip flexors, quads, spine and upper back during my pre comp training helen was giving me the ability to continue this challenging training regime. 

I found Helen professional, keeping details records of my injuries, sights of muscle pain as well as recording the treatment that she administered. Helen was always on time for a our appointments & did her best to make me feel relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. 

Helen was able to come to my house to treat my upper back at late notice one morning when the muscle went into spasm. 

Rhomboids prices are very reasonable and Helen's knowledge of her profession makes her an essential part of any competing sports persons regime.

I would recommend Helen to anyone who exercises frequently & wants to keep their body in the best condition possible.

Thanks Helen for everything. 


Sports Massage and how it helps your training

Whatever your training goals are, sports massage provides you with many benefits.  Let us focus on the two main ones: an increase in recovery rate and injury prevention.

Hard training sessions cause tiny micro tears in your muscle fibres and an increase in fluid, resulting in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that achy feeling in the muscles you trained.  Sports massage will prevent or reduce this achiness by flushing out waste products and stimulating blood and fluid flow.  This prevents your muscles from stiffening up and leaves you with full range of motion restored and ready to tackle the next training session.

Sports massage is often viewed as something to have when injured, but in fact it is expert in preventing you from getting injured in the first place!  During each treatment the condition of your muscles, tendons and ligaments is constantly assessed and a variety of treatment techniques applied in order to reduce pain and stimulate the healing process.  Massage also improves your body awareness so you will know when your muscles aren’t feeling quite right.  Your feedback at the start of each session means we work as a team to target any niggles and do something about them before they become activity stopping injuries!  

Sports massage is fully adaptable to each individual and can be used before or after training. It can stimulate or relax and need not be a painful experience.  Whether your training for a competition or event or simply training to improve your body and feel good, sports massage could greatly help you to get where you want to be.

Helen is always happy to answer your questions or discuss how sports massage could help you.

Helen Trehane
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, Rhomboids Sports and Remedial Massage.

Call: 07810 627867
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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