Summer bodies are made in winter

February is here, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Are you still on track?

Millions of people start a new diet in January, but almost half of those have gone off track, aren’t achieving their goals or have given up completely by the time we reach February.

At Fit Freedom our aim is to help you develop a long term healthy lifestyle, if that starts in January, great. But it doesn’t need to. We want you to get your nutrition right, change your mind-set from being ‘on a diet’ to eating the right foods to fuel your body. We also want to encourage you to get active!

The UK has the biggest obesity problem in Europe; one in four British adults are obese, with 62% of adults classified as overweight. And a survey conducted by Mintel found that almost one in six (18%) British women often skip meals to keep their weight down. This is such an unhealthy habit to have. You certainly don’t have to starve your body to lose or keep off weight. Constant “yo-yo” dieting doesn’t work, you need to change your mind-set and think about your long term health.

Don’t be one of the 62% of overweigh Brits, let’s get in shape and think about those summer bodies. You’ve probably heard the phrase “summer bodies are made in winter” well it’s true. If you start now, you could achieve some amazing results by the summer, feel fitter and healthier and have tons more energy.

Here are my top tips to get you started: 

Eat good whole, natural foods
Keep away from processed foods which have adverse effects on your metabolism, weight, gut and energy levels and can become addictive meaning you will struggle to control your consumption.

Cut out caffeine
Or at least reduce your caffeine intake as much as possible as it can have such a negative effect on your body including insomnia and a build-up of toxins.

Lift weights
The benefits of weight training are phenomenal, it will shape your body and help you burn fat. I’m talking about free weights; barbells or dumbbells. Start with light weights especially if you haven’t lifted weights before. Two or three sets of 15 repetitions. Follow my YouTube channel for some free workout ideas.

Get the summer body you’ve dreamed of, start your healthy lifestyle now. 

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2nd February 2018

Fitness Tips and Advice

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