Top Tips for Working Out

1: Shoulder ‘cap’ exercises for shape

It's vital that us ladies have shapely shoulders so that our waists look smaller!!! Try this – hold the dumbbell with didgits 3 & 4, with staright arms lift out from body – keeping the wieht low and hold out to the side – feel the pull through the shoulder cap. Go to failure three times through.

2: ‘Glute work’ for women

As we age we lose our ‘pert’ backsides so we need to try and keep the skin and muscle toned to prevent the signs of aging!

Here’s a great exercise to include into your workout - using a cross fit training band ( 11 inches) place just above the knees, now hip thrust from a bench with a loaded bar to max exertion. Follow ‘the glute guy’ on facebook and newsletter by linking to his website.

27th August 2015

Fit Freedom News

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