Weight loss the Vegan way

You can loose weight and get complete nutrition by eating the vegan way by following my weight loss and figure shaping programme.

Its always easier said than done but with bi-weekly check-ins my ladies keep on track towards their goals.. Here’s a testimonial from a new client who is determined to reach her goals:

“I’ve been with Livia for 10 weeks now and at my last weigh in had lost nearly 1and a half stones, easily!! She really knows her stuff and sometimes I think she wants me to succeed more than even I do, and trust me, I do! There are many simple, vegan options, if I don't like something she swaps it. Thank you Livia, you understand not only the anatomy and biochemistry of food, and bodies, but also completely understand the emotional ups and down that come with making huge changes and re-gaining control over your body.

“If you are honest with her, and yourself, and follow her personalised plan, you will loose weight. Consistently. Without feeling hungry, ever. You will have more energy than you've had for years, and feel like you are in control again. I've messed up, but felt safe to fall back into her plan, knowing it will nourish me and put me back on track. The ‘Re-feeds’ are allowing me to gain a healthier attitude to food, not good or bad, just balance. I have over 6 stones to loose, been on every diet, and yo-yoed for nearly 10 years. Finally, thanks to Livia, I'm getting there.”


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