Body Cleanse explained

The cleanse teaches us ‘whole food nutrition’ meaning food that will not cause anti inflammatory reactions within the body (such a bloating).

Supported by probiotics, to improve gut flora and nutrient absorption,  which in turn will raise serotonin levels ( a hormone that makes you feel happy!) The gut is the ‘second brain’ . 80% of serotonin is made within the gut lining - so we need to nurture our gut and prevent ill health through eating the correct foods.

A  superb recipe book offers adventurous ideas for meal planning together with supplements that help the body to heal and cleanse such as – ‘greens balance’ which is  high in anti oxidants to help  alkaline the body and balance your Ph. This improves your over all health.

Vegan fibre,  to help with efficiency of the digestive tract. Detox teas to soothe the liver, kidneys and aid digestions. B12 energy drinks full of natural goodness to replace your caffeine addictions.  A body cleanse drink high in choline, a macro nutrient which helps to detoxify the liver – also high in magnesium which will help you sleep and relieve aching muscles.

The body cleanse will reset your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat at rest. Just by following the delicious whole food recipes you will find that your body feels more energised and you will drop body fat. Your mood will lift and your skin, the largest organ of the body,  will be radient! The power of the gut is seen through the body cleanse.

This is not a fad diet...

It's supplemented with great Vegan certified products, formulated in Switzerland, that all have an crucial part to play whilst the toxins leave the body. This is supplemented further with good nutritious food, and more importantly protein, packed nourishing smoothies and famous fizz sticks for energy.

Once the first few days go by the body starts to cleanse and be nourished but more importantly a new focus and energy from within. This has led to many of my clients going on to much better lifestyle, much more energy to get active again or more than they were before....A much better relationship with food, snacking and how to prep food and their day. 

What to expect:

Initially some clients tend to get headaches but Liv always has solutions. This is just because toxins are leaving body, end of the week and into week two energy levels rise, clearer skin, bloat decreased...

Don’t worry:

  • I have all the substitutes to keep anyone from feeling hungry or crashing...
  • I love this ethos... hate seeing people wrecked and exhausted from fad diets...
  • This is a kick-start with great results with my guidance throughout!
  • The results speak for themselves!! 

Here’s to positive change 😊 !!

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