Menopause Nutrition

30 day nutritional cleanse

The menopause symptoms can be reduced through eliminating the  food & drink that cause the body distress. Refined sugars, alcohol, soy, dairy, wheat and gluten can all attribute to increased hot sweats. The body is undergoing hormonal changes which enduce fatigue, low mood, short temper and temperature fluctuations. By reducing the toxins that you are eating and drinking you can enable your body to focus soley on balancing your hormones.

My 30 day Body Cleanse is perfect for regaining energy, vitality, balancing blood sugars and assisting in absorbing more nutritient rich foods through the gut wall, thus helping your body to function in a healthy state. This in turn will help lessen the menopause symptoms.

Please contact me via text message on 07931 771457 to book your free 1-1 online call.

The Menopause Nutrition System

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