Competition Preparation

Competition Preparation with FitFreedom includes:

Food plans

Food plans start with a gut cleanse to ensure optimal nutrition absobtion  - then food plans that will be tweaked every week depending on progress. Livia will design your peal week food plans and post comp reverse diet plans.


Depending on your body shape, your plan will be designed for your shape – improving on weaker areas, developing your natural symmetry over the months in a cycle of training plans. A normal cycle can be anything from 4-8 weeks. All comp plans include peak weak and back stage pump up instructions where necessary and of course ongoing advice post competition.

Which federation would suit you?

Advice on federation selection. This is vital as your body shape dicatates your category and the best federation for you.

Other topics covered:

  • Rest and recovery
  • Lifestyle impacts of competing
  • Different body types
  • Bikinis
  • Shoes
  • Tanning
  • Make up
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Show formats and what to expect on the day
  • Post comp reverse dieting
  • Post comp training
  • Off season training

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