Natural Body Shaping

Body shaping can be done naturally!

If you are thinking about training to seriously shape up and have previously been advised that it can't be done with out ‘chemical assistance’ then please believe me when I tell you that YOU CAN shape up and compete without using chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Please take a look at the links below which emphasise the dangers/health risks of taking anabolics, diuretics and some fat burners that are widely used in the industry and banned in all the natural federations.

Muscle loss

A percentage of muscle is always lost when dieting for a show.  Livia will show you how to retain muscle through steady dieting and intelligent training plans. Of course, you have to take your genetics into consideration and therefore your body type (endomorph, ectomorph etc) when it comes to retaining muscle as you diet for a competition

Drugs in Sport

The chemicals listed below are some examples of drugs that are used to increase muscle mass and help to eliminate fat. Sadly, they are very easily obtained online and in most gyms now a days. I see young girls in their 20s taking such ‘cutters’ who are not informed and do not research about the long term health defects.

Long term side affects of some of these chemicals can lead to are infertility, stomach bleeds, carpal tunnel syndrome, skin changes, bone density changes – especially of the face, enlarging of the internal organs, bloating, shaking, heart palpitations and blood shot eyes , to name a few. Natural Training is the only way to go…

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