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Jo Morrison

She beat cancer twise, overcame a brain tumour and battled through the menopause to go on and win medals in fitness.

3rd August 2020

The Menopause Mindset

Sally Gorozzo – clinical hypnotherapist and rapid transformational therapist – helps people to dissolve blocks that are holding them…

22nd July 2020

The Menopause Podcast with Jessica Valentine

Jessica Valentine is a chartered psychologist who supports women, men and families with depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, work related…

14th April 2020

The Menopause Podcast with Tracey McAlpine - Fighting Fifty

Tracey McAlpine created Fighting Fifty, an online magazine, to challenge the perceptions of ageing and offer reliable advice on how to look good…

14th April 2020

All Things Menopause

Livia Francis chatting with Sam Palmer, Menopause Movement

9th March 2020

How the Menopause Affects Relationships - a conversation with two females

Two women chat about how the menopause affects their relationship The mood swings often cause couples to feel lonely, frustrated or ignored. Listen…

16th December 2019

How the Menopause affects relationships from a male point of view

The devastating effect of the menopause from a male perspective: As we endure the menopause our partners have to cope with it too. The distress on…

11th December 2019

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