Zoom Live with Livia

£500.00 per month

Fitfreedom 60 minutes live Zoom classes with Livia & personalised food program that will see your energy soar and the intensity of your symptoms significantly reduce over time

Zoom sessions designed for those with fitness class experience or 90-day Program graduates. Membership is restricted to 25, which ensure optimum coaching. Spaces are subject to availability.

Fast-paced, fun, Live 1-hour Zoom classes Monday to Friday 10:00 am GMT, join in from anywhere in the world.

The session starts with a quick informal two-way chat and warm up. Over the weeks, all muscle groups get attention to achieve healthy, toned and strengthened bodies. Liv concludes each session with a group chat.

Zoom membership entitles you to:

  • Invitation to like-minded, kind, supportive, encouraging and exclusive WhatsApp 20 Group along with our Super Graduate Advisors.
  • Your unique food plans tweaked as you progress to ensure your body responds as it should. Menopause disrupts the metabolism, reduces bone density and increases the risk of heart disease. Making changes to your food choice (and exercise) regime can help relieve the effects of Menopause, such as hot flushes, poor sleep and low bone density. It also assists with weight loss and banishing tummy fat.
  • Access to daily recorded sessions, so you never miss one. You see and hear Liv, but recordings do not show the start informal two-way chat, the end session group chat or members participating.
  • A private one to one weekly assessment conversation with Liv if you stick to the food plan.

Payment for the above is made by standing order via bank transfer(UK) or PayPal ( international) You can opt out at any point but Fitfreedom would kindly request 4 weeks notice.

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