Well, what can I say about cleanse so far... maybe that I absolutely love it!!!

Not that I have lost 3KG (6,7 lbs) in a week, but I have also learnt how to make lovely healthy food, I have learnt how to plan my meals, how to enjoy food. I've learnt that if I plan my meals and snacks ahead I won't be going for anything that has lots of bad sugars and fats like fast foods or ready meals. The cleanse showed me that I can eat healthy and quickly.

I'm not saying my first day was not tough, as I am a busy mum of two kids under two, and my previous excuses were, “I haven't got time to cook, I haven't got time to prepare food ahead”  etc., I used to snack a lot with my little one, or if I hadn't prepared something when I was out and about I would pick up lunch at a fast food restaurant. But to be honest, with cleanse, day by day I have noticed how much I actually can eat and how easy it is to plan meals and snacks ahead. All the food I eat now is healthy, full of good fats, proteins etc!! And shakes – yum, absolutely love it!!! Always looking forward in the morning to my delicious shake .  I am so happy that I have signed up for it!!!

I am now looking forward to see what another week on the cleanse going to bring!!!

26th June 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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