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Well I’m not going to lie, I went on the cleanse not to particularly lose weight but for symptoms of the menopause including bloating and migraines. Well, in under 2 weeks, what a transformation! My stats are incredible: not only have I lost over 9lb now, I have maintained muscle mass as I train very hard as a competitive rower too. Weight loss is purely fat and the bloating has subsided.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Livia Francis as she coached me through the Great River race yesterday on what is known as the London rowing marathon over a 21.6 mile course Millwall Docks to Richmond in a double skiff. My stamina maintained and I abstained from wandering off the path of the detox and kept my strength to a max finishing in a fantastic time of 3:14:36, adhering to most of the recommendations from Livia – roll on the next 14 days 😊

And the results:

So in the last week of the cleanse I would like to add some input. My aim when I first spoke to Livia Francis was not of weight loss, running my own health management programme for years and competing I needed a specialist to help me with alleviating menopausal symptoms. My doctor had told me she wasn’t going to prescribe HRT as a performance enhancer and only to alleviate terrible symptoms I was experiencing whilst training and competing hard in Regattas. I admit I was sceptical that a detox would alleviate these symptoms rather than HRT to help my sporting activities. 

All the above being said I have immense will power and a commitment attitude, so I thought I’d give this a go – the criteria included to eat enough not to lose muscle mass.

Well. Leading up to the end of the cleanse I can honestly say not only have I lost 1 stone but underneath all that weight loss my muscles have consistently remained the same as has my visceral fat. Equally I can report that all my symptoms such as migraine, bloating, cramping, hot flashes, moodiness has gone!!! I am blown away – now to start winning races and increasing power in the boat at a ripe old age (which is never a number but a feeling) of 51. I sincerely hope all you ladies and gents on this detox are experiencing similar results and more than happy to answer any questions on my journey if anyone has them.

Lastly I know you’ve got to the end so apologies for a lengthy post – it’s hard to compact such incredible results into a brief summary and I would like to thank Livia xx

27th September 2019

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