I’m feeling so rejuvenated after the cleanse. My skin feels smoother, seems clearer and my dark circles are almost completely gone. My IBS is so much better especially now when I cut out beans, they where making my belly swell up like I was 6 months pregnant! I’ve lost a little weight and that was expected but not my reason for doing the cleanse. I needed this to take action against my IBS. This has definitely given me the kickstart to fight my IBS with the right foods and supplements.

Not drinking any coffee has definitely been the challenge for me. When it comes to the food it’s already been apart of my lifestyle all my life to eat healthy food and to buy locally produced food and the major difference has been doing it the vegan way.

After this cleanse I will include more vegan dishes to my meal plan and perhaps I will have the occasional morning coffee but I’ll definitely not go back to drinking 6-8 cups per day. I just love the arbonne tea and fizz so I’ll def keep drinking that .Since theses products have made me feel so much better I’ll def keep using a lot of the arbonne products and perhaps add a few more. 

I’m very interested in the new cleanse product from Arbonne so I’m def trying it out.

26th June 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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