Cheers to all of you starting up the cleanse!!!

I’m currently growing a baby so I'm not detoxing for a bit but I have been enjoying nutrition packed shakes as breakfasts and snacks to boost my nutrient intake and help me sustain my energy through the day. I wanted to share with you this one which I call 'Bouncing Baby' smoothie; with added banana, greens and almond butter. I also make one I call 'Mega Mama' which has red berries and cacao nibs. Yum! I think the fibre support is really supporting my digestion. I feel really well and I'm now in my 3rd trimester.

A big thumbs up to you all and good wishes for your cleanse. I'll be joining you all before too long!

Livia Francis thank you for inspiring me to keep taking care of my health.

7th January 2019

Healthy Living Plan

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