Dee Hazelwood

Denise Hazelwood – 98kg to 61kg

Amazing resilience! Early menopause, Thyroid and health issues all reduced, now holds 2 gold medals with UFE for natural physique catagory.

At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. At 35 I had to have hystorectomy due to the endometriosis spreading through my body. I was plunged into the menopause overnight. I didn’t really take much notice to be honest after all I was just aged 35, but year on year my body was changing & not for the best. I had scare tissue.  It was ugly & I was putting on weight. I had IBS. I was constantly bloated. I was losing the battle. By the time I had reached fifty years of age I was five stone overweight. My scare tissue was now a real issue for me. So much so I wanted to have plastic surgery. I looked in the mirror one day & thought I can’t go on like this. I was miserable, alone & felt completely unattractive. 

Then in October last year I discovered Livia Francis & I went on a thirty day body cleanse!!  I had to try something.  I had nothing to lose. I was so determined this time. I can honestly say I never looked back. I lost just over half a stone in the first two weeks. Nine months later with Livia’s amazing food & training plans I have lost four stone. My IBS has disappeared, my scar tissue, ashamed to say was fat & is on its way back to looking like a normal scare ( No plastic surgery for me ) !! In September 2019 I am going on stage to compete in a body transformation body building competition, I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror 12 months ago. I can’t speak more highly of the body cleanse & Livia Francis, it has truly changed my life in so many ways & saved me from many health problems. 

You don’t have to think about anything really. Livia sorts everything out for you.  The support is unconditional . I have never felt so at home doing something I dreamed I never would have to do.  If you do one thing for yourself, DO this, I promise you, you won’t ever look back.

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