Eleanor Turner

What an amazing little plan this is and so easy to follow! Highly recommend Arbonne to anyone that needs a body reboot and total cleanse!

It works so well if you have a busy lifestyle, and allows you to food prep and make tasty, healthy meals which fill you full with energy.

What worked so well for me was preparing my breakfast/lunch shake packed full of nutrients which would fill me up and give me amazing energy.

The probiotic helped to reduce my bloated tummy which I have always suffered with. Also to replace coffee with a fizz stick allowed me to keep off the coffee and keep me pumped full of energy.

I always had prepared a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day in case I felt hungry and to have before an evening workout.

This plan has allowed me to drop weight and pulled me in sculpting my figure. Really happy with my results and this is something I would consider using as part of a heathy life style.

Stats 8/1/18 6/2/18
Weight 63.1kg 59.3kg
Body fat 23.6kg 21.6kg
Muscle 38.6kg 40.3kg
BMI 21.5kg 20.4kg

5th February 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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