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At the moment I am in preparation for my first figure competition - scary, I know! It was always one of the dreams to stand in line of girls right in the spot-lights and feel adequate. It looks pretty easy from the outside world, in the eyes of novice. But the world of bodybuilding can be dangerous - physically and mentally.

I trained with Livia for “pole fit” last year and will be back for more pole coaching after my figure competition. During the time Livia coached me I already knew she would become my figure prep coach, the brain of the operation!! I don’t know how Livia does it, but she has always plan in ready each week. I trust her beyond the grave, and it is very important to follow the process fully. It is very easy to slack but we keep on top of the pitfalls of comp prep. Livia has introduced me the vast world of competitive fitness bit by bit so that I never get overwhelmed. And it works!

I believe I am the first vegetarian client Liv has. How many times have I heard - you need to eat meat to get muscles! Not from Livia. She wrote me the master diet plan according to my taste and today I stand here 11 kilos lighter from Jan. I have one session per a week with Livia where we focus on taking the body fat measurements and other statistics, progress pictures and I practice the different poses again & again. But that is not all! Livia is always available to answer any of many questions and has a broad knowledge of where to order bikini, which tan is the correct one for the federation, how to fill in the forms, who can do my hair, make up etc... Anything I find confusing and unclear she always answers by the email.

I am so happy that I met Livia and she mentors me. She makes me believe in myself, we shall see the final product we will deliver for the stage. My dream is finally coming true ... 14 weeks out ...  4/4/15

12th May 2015

Competition Training

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