Emma from Brighton

I was recommended to see Livia by a friend of mine and I must say was a bit worried about entering a new gym. I have suffered with body dysmorphia in the past and was concerned that I would start to compare myself to others, that I wouldn’t be fit or strong enough. I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did! Livia made me feel very welcome and she totally got the body shape I was trying to achieve, not too lean or too muscly, just making the best of the body I had.

Livia taught me so much about the difference between eating healthy and eating for fat loss. I wasn’t over weight but after years of starvation diets and Bulimia my body was storing fat around my tummy, arms and back.  I was doing lots of cardio and eating healthy however nothing seemed to be working. However, within 6 weeks of following Livs new food plan I could see and feel a difference. The plan is strict but once you get into a routine it becomes part of your life. Livia is more than a personal trainer, she is super dedicated to her job and goes above and beyond to help you and advise you.  She is always researching new exercises and often will message with a new exercise video for you to add to your existing gym plan. Livia has changed my body for the better and I now have a bottom!!! Something we both worked hard to achieve. I eat more than I have ever eaten yet are much leaner and sculpted than my eating disorder days.

When Livia asked me to compete on stage in a bikini my first thought was “Hell No”!!!!  But that soon turned to a great big YES let’s do this, let’s celebrate my achievement. With Liv's help I hit the stage and placed 3rd in over 35s natural bikini. I will never forget that special day and the great times training with Livia prior to the show. This lady is truly amazing and someone I will always look to with absolute respect.

I have recommended Livia to many of my clients and even though they choose not to hit the stage it doesn’t mean they haven’t hit their goal. Be prepared for hard work, but so very worth it.

28th November 2016

Competition Training

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