Getting in shape for my wedding

After having my first baby I wanted to get in shape for my wedding, which we had booked for when my baby was just six months old. I had already bought my dress and wanted to get back into it and feel confident in my post-baby body. I needed some help, and following a recommendation from the fabulous Emma Fullwood at Zipped Up mums I contacted Livia. We started working together 10 weeks before my wedding date. Livia wrote me a personalised meal plan, which took a bit of getting used to, but she supported me through the whole process and was so helpful and confidence-boosting. We met every two weeks to track my progress. She guided me through as we stripped out unhealthy eating habits and I learned about proteins and carbohydrates as she tweaked my diet. Livia was always happy to help when I had questions or at times when it was difficult to keep on track.

By the time of my wedding I was lighter than my pre-pregnancy days and feeling fit and strong from plenty of exercise and a healthy eating plan. On my wedding day I felt amazing, confident and healthy. My dress fitted perfectly (no alterations needed at all - even slightly big on the top half) so the work that Livia and I did in the weeks before the wedding worked perfectly! I was so happy to have slimmed down and shed my baby weight in time for the wedding. I felt great! I could not have done this in time for the wedding without Livia's support and guidance. Instead of dreading the wedding pictures I looked forward to them! And better still, I have learned about new ways to eat healthily and stay in shape. A massive thank you for all of your help Livia!

Vicky x

18th January 2016


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