I also completed my 30 detox 5days ago and I'm really pleased with how it's changed so many things in my life. I'm a busy mother of a 9yr old and a 16mnth old and am also setting up my massage business. I found it really easy to incorporate the meals in our family routine. I was rarely hungry, not even needing  to snack that often, the protein shake in the morning would  easily fill me up till lunchtime. Then the lovely salads and otber easy meals were really delicious and satisfying. Up till the detox I'd been a typical busy mother, reaching for a coffee first thing, skipping meals and generally grabbing whatever I could whenever I remembered. The regular eating of great food really helped my energy levels as did the fizz sticks in the morning and afternoon in place of coffee. They kept me going and helped me feel really good. What I loved was the re-education about food that this detox did for me. I re-learnt and remembered how to eat properly again and how that affected my body and mind! It was brilliant! It got rid of my bloat, stabilised my moods and gave me double the amount of energy. I lost half a stone and inches all around my body, basically my the leftover weight from having a baby. I did the cardio fasting every day and weights workouts about twice a week from home, time was precious so I just did what I could when I could but still got results. I think this is a brilliant plan to kick start you into a better, more aware way of eating and living. It's very gentle really,  very doable for normal people living normal lives but with amazing results. Knowing I could ask Livia at any point about anything was reassuring and being part of a FB group was definitely more motivating than doing it on my own. I'm just going to keep going 80/20 now and up my exercise when I can. I feel really positive about the whole experience and know that I won't look back. Thanks so much Livia Francis for introducing me to this, it's been great! ❤️

26th June 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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