Hannah - Online Client Testimonial

Since having a small group pole and burlesque lesson with Liv for a friends birthday, I couldn't help but start working with her! She has a bubbly personality and is so in tune with what I wanted and how I worked and was ALWAYS there when I was stressing about something food or exercise related with a supportive and motivating text or email. 

We started working together 3 months before a big holiday I had planned and for 8 months prior I had been exercising, trying different food plans and had really good success for the first time in my life! However, I wanted to push myself further, see quicker and better results and with Liv's training and eating programme, that's what I got! I felt myself getting stronger every week and using an intense weight programme to build muscle to burn fat instead of the bog standard and useless treadmill routines of old, really worked for me and gave me shape, tone and I was dropping body fat. The meals are small but plenty! Eating little and often throughout the day was demanding in terms of preparation but I was used to that from my plans before so it didn't phase me too much. 

Livia's knowledge is great and she's so invested with her work, always researching and tweaking details, and offering helpful tips as part of her costs (which are so reasonable it feels like daylight robbery!) 

I'm back on plan now after a long month off on holiday and then a January of debauchery and leftover Christmas hampers and can't wait to see more results as I progress through the year with Liv behind me spurring me on all the way :)  

Kindest regards 
Hannah Mac Lennan

24th February 2016


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