Hannah Mac Lennan

I finished the 30 day cleanse yesterday. I lost about half a stone (7lbs) but my measurements have made me happiest.

  • 6cm off waist
  • 3cm off each leg
  • 3cm off butt 
  • 2cm off chest
  • 2cm off tummy 
  • Etc etc

What I've enjoyed most is re-learning a relationship with food that keeps me feeling great, alert and focused. My skin has never looked better and as an IBS sufferer, my insides are no longer painful and I don't get cramps. The enzymes started off as my enemy but now, I don't think is like to start a day without them.

I'm now totally vegan this February (partly as an experiment that has turned into a good cause and I'm raising money for charity at the same time!) I'm interested to see how my body reacts. I don't miss meat really which I wasn't expecting but I suppose the convenience of having a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast makes things slightly harder especially as I'm weight training. BUT, fully committed to seeing how it goes and thanks Livia as always for your advice and support. (My griddled vegetables get served up hot in a sweet potato wrap with a blob of hummus)!

Being part of this group has kept me motivated and really opened up so many doors for me in terms of cooking. I like to cook anyway but I LOVE seeing everyone's recipes just to keep ideas fresh and have loved everyone's motivation and support - really has kept morale high!

This essay was written by Hannah Mac Lennan ! x

5th February 2018

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