Hannah Quinn - full comp prep Miss Galaxy Universe 2016

2 x 2nd Place Trophies and 1x 4th place Trophy

In the Summer of 2015 I decided to set myself my biggest physical challenge to date, to compete in my first ever bikini fitness competition!

There was only one person I knew who could help me achieve this goal and that was Livia Francis.  I met Livia in 2013 when I started pole fitness lessons with her.  During our lessons I was fascinated by Livia's stories of her own competing and all of the hard training and restricted diet she had to go through to get to the stage.

I knew that Livia was a natural athlete and this was another strong reason for going to Livia for my training and nutrition programmes.

In October 2015 me and my training partner went to see Livia to get the process started and find out what we needed to do!

The amount of exercise we had to do and the restricted food was daunting to begin with, but we soon got used to it.  Livia had to work extra hard on my food plans because I have a lot of food intolerances and at times it was trial and error. I know I could call Livia and ask her for alternatives if I needed to any time.

Another area of our training, which I hadn't really thought about, was the posing.  I didn't realize how difficult it could be!  I had regular one to one and group posing sessions with Livia and at times I thought I would never get the hang of it.  But when it came to competition day, 21st May 2016, I felt super confident with my posing and T-walk and it was one less thing to be nervous about on the day because I knew I had it exactly how I wanted it because I had a great instructor.

Our training plans were targeted to be stage ready and it wasn't long before we saw our muscles grow, and the food plans were also working their magic.

Livia has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the competition world and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get stage ready!

I placed in three categories and was over the moon.

Hannah xx

20th June 2016

Competition Training

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