So day 31.....I have to say I’ve bloody loved this plan. I feel great and I have gotten stronger, smashing PB’s in the gym every week and I’ve got leaner and I’ve had people comment on how good my skin looks and how ‘well’ I look. I feel more energised every day even in the afternoon when it’s natural to have a slump. That bloody amazing fizz stick. I haven’t craved any of the things we’ve had to avoid (well maybe a bit of cheese!) and I am now sleeping consistently (well the last week) from about 1030-4 which is amazing for me!

My aches and pains are certainly less and my tendinitis in my elbow is almost gone.

I am so carrying it on as I feel superb every damn day and I get up Feeling more than ready to tackle the world. In total I’ve lost about 9-10lbs, and I’ve lost a 1.5 inch off my waist and hips .....needless to say the �� is looking fine and my legs are well on their way to crushing my haters! I would recommend this way of living to all of my friends, clients and family.

26th June 2018

Healthy Living Plan

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