Justyna – UFE European Championships, September 2019

Justyna – an Entrepeneur and business partner, who decided to compete just a few weeks out from show day!! How to set your mind towards competition.

My journey with Liv

The journey started when Livia purchased my fitness wear outfit Sophistiqe, as a brand who is all about empowering and supporting women I asked Liv to send me photos of her wearing Sophistiqe to show women how amazing body you can have have even at age of 50 with the right mindset and balance life.

Then Livia invited me to one of her workshop, so from the beginning we have supported each other in our fitness entrepreneur journey.

As my physique was in a good condition Liv persuaded me to compete 

As I am PT I followed my own training program but Liv created 3 weeks prep nutrition plan, which allow me get leaner and loose extra 6kg.

She also was my posing coach, which was a massive bonus to give me extra confidence and pose accordingly.

With Liv ongoing support and coaching approach I won second place in a bikini category.

Liv has amazing approach and her passion, knowledge and care for her clients makes her one in the kind coach.

7th October 2019

Competition Training

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